Falkenvil Fishery
                 Saltmarsh Lane, Hailsham, East Sussex, BN27 2RJ
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     Environment Agency Rod Licence
     All anglers must hold a current rod licence.  Rod licences can be purchased online for                periods of 1 Day, 8 Days or a full season. If you need to purchase a licence please use the          link on the right to access the Environment Agency Website.
     Freshwater Informer
     The Freshwater Informer is a free publication dedicated to anglers in the South East.  It is            full of catch details and venues and is available from most tackle shops.  If you want to                read the magazine online please use the link on the right.
     Waterscape is the British Waterways Leisure Website.  For anglers it provides details of              fisheries all over the country.  If you want to visit a new fishery try searching by post code or      town.  To access the Waterscape website please use the link on the right.
     Get Mapping
     The aeriel photographs used in this website were provided by Getmapping.Com.  If you wish      to access their website please use the link on the right.